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I seem to have always attached music to memory, and it couldn't been the most godawful music of the year but if I happened to pair it right with the appropriate ...

Now that I have moved over to the corporate world, I have been doing a lot of development in R and RShiny. If you have not used it before, RShiny is an amazing tool for quickly creating scientific dashboards that are data-driven. With a little bit of knowledge of R and Web development, you can…

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In a list of questions I am commonly asked, I agreement you that the one in the title above is asked of me at least once a week, sometimes twice. Which is fair enough. I am 38 years old and accept been happily married to the same man for almost 11 years now who has … Continue reading “So, when are you going to accept a baby?” →

Levi strauss jeans

Levi strauss jeans

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“So, when are you going to have a baby?”

Imitating Shakespeare- did you get it? I love Shakespeare. So abounding life lessons, modern societal trends and blurred identities. It is the ultimate read. If there is one thing I know. It is myself. Going through a health crisis or two will do that to you. Smack you in the face with the things you … Continue reading To Thine Own Self Be True →



5 Top Takeaways From Our FY 2018 Earnings Report. On Tuesday, we released our latest earnings report, showcasing stellar fourth-quarter results and an ...

To Thine Own Self Be True

I feel things- intensely. I accept always been so sensitive to others. Always overthinking, over feeling and unable to understand why I would be so ashore on "things", ideas and events that would happen in my life that aloof didn't make sense to my perception and interpretation. To me, it aloof seemed pure madness. I … Continue reading Sensitivity and affinity are mine- what is your superpower? →

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I like it hard- Our attraction with exercise having to feel so hard

Catchy title, right?  But what does self-love even mean? And just so you know, this blog will not give you the answer. With the accepted climate on social media actuality all about spreading gratitude and kindness, is there any sincerity in the self-love revolution? I am old. I can now read some posts and anticipate … Continue reading Self-Love- Do you even? →

Levi meaden

Levi meaden

I am Tsahi Levent-Levi. I am a developer by heart. Always have been. The thing is, I found out I love writing and looking at the bigger picture of product and ...

Sensitivity and empathy are mine- what is your superpower?

Hello All, As those who know me in person are aware, I will be defending my thesis here in March and will be leaving MIT in June. I started this blog as a way to accumulate track of my own analysis advancements and I have been blown away by how much help it has been…



... and Atlantic hurricane information, analysis, and forecasts by Levi Cowan. ... There have been no blog posts in the past week, but feel free to check out ...

Self-Love- Do you even?

Hard. When did this become the ultimate characteristic that defines and describes a workout? The way we gauge if the movement completed was indeed that, a workout and the success of a said workout? Why does it have to feel so hard all the time? Was it the re-birth and acceptance of HIIT (high intensity … Continue reading I like it hard- Our obsession with exercise having to feel so hard →